Walk me-Pros and Cons

General Information

Walkme is a cloud-based CRM platform that enable the companies to deliver a good customer support. It is a very user friendly platform.
Walk-thrus make all confusion clear through step by step instruction.
Launchers helps users get unstuck at any confusing point.
Freshdesk automates the workflow and provide self-service to the customer without any representative. It also builds and publish a support knowledge base to solve the problems efficiently.
It also has multi language support to provide quick and responsive support to their clients.

Newer Innovations in WalkMe
It has many tools and options to make the platform easy to use.
Walk-thrus make all confusion clear through step by step instruction. ShoutOuts allow you to draw attention to important messages. Launchers help users to get unstuck from any confusing point.
From its knowledge base, it create a repository of solutions for commonly asked questions.

Why we use WalkMe?
WalkMe help companies of all sizes solve their business problems.
It provides a platform for the user to access the information and perform task without any customer support representative.
Companies uses this tool to provide any time support to the customers.
It makes the process of customer support fully automated and easy.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers said that it has great support team.
Walk-thrus make it very easy to use the WalkMe platform through its step-by-step instructions.
Some customers said its powerful tool prevent us from doing mistakes.

Needs Improvement

Some customers said that CSM supplement is not needed in the WalkMe University.
In the changes, they removed some previous functions, among those some were useful too.
Some customers said that sometimes they took long time in resolving issues.

Similar Products in the Industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are Zendesk, Jira Service Desk, Fresh desk, What fix, Oracle Service Cloud, Live Agent, Help shift, Zoho, Team Support.