Web dam-Pros and Cons

General Information

Webdam, powered by Bynder, is a cloud based platform to transform your ideas to creative assets. It is recognized for the excellent customer experience, lightning-fast performance, enterprise-level security. It is so reliable and efficient that more than 200,000 marketing professionals are using WebDAM right now. It is a reliable and efficient platform with advanced search options, Interactive analytics, real time alert and notifications and works on REST API .

Newer Innovations in the Webdam

Teams can share the right content, the right way by choosing which level of access to give to external parties. Set an expiration date or revoke access to have full control over shares.
Bynder API in order assures the customers of a smooth and fully automated user experience.
You can connect yourAdobe CS applications to Bynder and import your files directly from Adobe CS.
To work with pace and to access the material from anywhere, Bynder has also released a mobile app.

Why we use Webdam?

Webdam supports workflows that allow for content modification.
It simplifies and streamlines your workflows and Automates workflows and enhances team creativity.
Tags images automatically and uses facial recognition which saves your valuable time.
Webdam increases the security, organization and searchability of digital assets

Industry Positive Comments
Some customers said that the functions of the application help to give a complete picture of your business with the help of graphic, visual and verbal blocks. It also utilizes the webcam whenever required. It makes communicating on a tight deadline easy, eliminating the need for a request or email chain.

Needs Improvement
Some customers said that Occasionally if they have the program open and running in the background while they edit, the account will logout and it is mildly frustrating.
Some said that there are functions that they did not immediately understand how to use and in general they were not really necessary for them.
Some customers complain about the cost, they said that overall the product is a little pricier than they feel it should be.

Similar Products in the Industry

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