Win Automation-Pros and Cons

General Information
WinAutomation provided by Softomotive is one of the most powerful desktop automation tools. This platform comes with the easiest Process Designer with a drag and drop interface. The Desktop automation feature includes Java apps, SAP/ERP and CRM. It also features of Web Automation supporting Chrome, Firefox and Explorer. Other features include Macro recorder, Multitasker, Scheduler, Mouse and Keyboard Automation, UI interface with a touch of CSS magic, Email Automation, Excel Automation and File folder Automation and FTP Automation. Triggers and System monitoring, Auto login Exception handling, OCR capabilities, Auditing and Logs and Terminal Emulation.
Newer Innovations in the WinAutomation
WinAutomation latest innovation brings in better performance with Multitasking and Smart Concurrency. Parallel Execution and Smart Queuing are other additions to the newest version. Increased Security with Cryptography Actions with Cyber-Ark vault to secure and store passwords. The latest version includes the most advanced encryption methods using DPAPI. It has a secure screen (Stealth Mode) with Process Protection and Secure editing. Another new feature addition is the Automate Legacy Terminal workloads.
Why we use WinAutomation
WinAutomation is cost-effective and faster with the accuracy of business processes. Users can quickly learn this software effortlessly. WinAutomation allows building automation process without coding. WinAutomation is the best RDA tool for individuals and small business.
Industry positive comments
Few positive feedbacks are WinAutomation is the best RDA Tool for individuals and small business. Its simplicity and flexibility make it a more comprehensive choice among users. Security features are outstanding. It’s debugging functionalities are perfect for any RDA. The wide range of OOTB actions is a widely used feature.
Needs Improvement
The areas of improvement require a better support forum. Needs improvements in checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down lists. Needs to improve Macro reading by adding pauses. Need to simply User Interface. Need for more exception handling capabilities. Need more improvement in the Trigger function.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are Automation Anywhere, UiPath RPA|Robotic Process Automation, Blue Prism,Pega Platform, Datamatics Trubot, Intellibot,Ninetex RPA, Automate Robotic Process Automation, Workfusion Intelligent Automation Cloud