Wind Chill-Pros and Cons

General Information

WINDCHILL is a browser based software which supports the product development process, to integrate people, processes and systems. It provides a product information “warehouse” for organizations. WINDCHILL enables business users to achieve product and service distinction in the age of the Internet of Things. Tts solutions helps transform the way smart, connected products are created, operated and serviced.

Its easy to use web interface enables a very fast change in data model, using web tools that lets you extend your Business Items and Attributes; with zero downtime. The Thingworx Navigate Integration lets business users search and find product information quickly from Windchill, SAP, Salesforce and connected systems. It enables designers to quickly access data on customer behavior usage patterns too.

Newer Innovations in the Windchill

Windchill integrated system helps combine so many aspects of the business together like design, production, manufacturing and quality. Its a very powerful tool as well as fairly effective. The approval process in this tool can be easily configured to the internal processes. It also offers a great repository for our CAD files/drawings.

Windchill has a decent ability to use drawings of every employee in the company and sharing of drawings between every part in production cycle. It helps to follow projects life cycle with possibility to see how many changes were made for project, check all files that are related to the project in mind; which eventually helps users tocontrol whole projects with quite a lot of ease.

Why we use Windchill?

WINDCHILL can use drawings of every employee in the company and sharing of drawings between every part in production cycle. It helps setup a very scalable collborative innovation process. The Search and Change Management services further help enable a faster time to market. The change management features are also fully customizable, and do a great job of laying out the process to anyone who may not be as familiar with the software.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers comment that Windchill has great search features right out of the box; it has has easy-to-learn, easy-to-use customization options. It offers a great Product Support Team of PTC. It has great storage. Since it is browser based, users dont need for ‘bolt-on’ or bespoke software approach.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in Sort options functionality. The believe it is slow system; the men is not really context sensitive; The back end / table structure is not very clear and PTC does not provide a data dictionary. Some technical reviewers believe that its Java Applets which makes the Workflow design tough and unsupported.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are Arena PLM & QMS, Team Centre, ENOVIA, PTC Creo PLM, Auto Desk Fusion Lifecycle, Oracle Agile