Workday HCM HR Management-Pros And Cons

General Features

Workday HCM is a cloud based human resource management platform that represents a wide range of HR activities into a single system. Workday HCM enable its financial management to combine with Human Capital Management. Workday HCM helps in managing company goals where team can be aligned from top to bottom by allowing fast company goals and helps in updating team or personal goals at team level or an individual level. Workday HCM has its engagement designed in such a way that worker can edit, review or create goals from anywhere on their mobile devices. Workday HCM has the ability of performance management with the help of which employees and managers can check their talent with performance ratings using N-boxes or Graphic Charts. Workday HCM offers ease in planning, recruiting and develop talent by using single system. Workday HCM helps in providing complete visibility to workforce with an excellent user experience which helps in better engagement and growth of people in an organization. Workday HCM reporting and analytics feature provides insights with the help of dashboard, scorecard and contextual reports which helps in plan and take actions. Workday HCM ensures data security (sensitive data) and helps in meet business meets while working globally and managing locally with easy configurations. Workday HCM helps in increasing efficiency and reduce the internal/external audits by providing built-in security controls directly into the system. Workday HCM plays great role in addressing vacancies by collaborating top-down and bottom-up plans with key members and helps in easy managing, assigning and tracking planning task to be deliver on time. Workday HCM using single source of data helps in design attractive and competitive packages, defining plans and use data to facilitate compensation reviews which helps in attract and retaining employees and talents from anywhere. Workday HCM shares tax and regulatory updates and helps in speeding up to prepare the year-end reporting and financial planning. Workday HCM is a great tool to manage day to day HR activities, keeps track on performance reviews, leave management, PTO and is very easy to use. 

Newer Innovation

Workday HCM is concerned about data security and data management and hence has introduced new features in its platform called Data Scrambler which ensures workers data protection and helps in easy loading of worker data into tenant and scramble it with a click of button which saves time, money and makes training, testing, integrations a snap. Workday HCM has enabled Workday Assistant feature which makes workday interacting more intuitive. Workday Assistant is perfect to use for anyone in the organization; may it be worker, managers, employees, Admin. Workday Assistant helps in providing required information and allow managers to provide public feedback to their team through a conversational UX. Workday HCM has made new updates to organizational studios and mass actions which has increased efficiency, create auditable approvals. Workday HCM has upgraded the aspects of Job Change which now enable template configurations, accuracy of change reports with a better streamlined user experience. Workday HCM also offers auto complete feature which fills certain fields automatically for internal candidates results in save time and efforts. Workday HCM has made retired Bonus, Initiate Merit and Stock BPs and offers Job Profile prompts with better streamline UX and overall performance.

Why we use Workday HCM ?

Workday HCM empowers employees to build connections and provide great help to check-in regular updates, develop & design their own career path. Workday HCM is a software which uses single version and combines a wide range of HR activities and operations into one system. Workday HCM is a user-friendly tool which combines Financial activities and HR Activities on to one platform and offers intuitive payroll management with a modern Calculation engine which automatically updates tax and regulatory terms which helps in employees can be paid on time and everytime. Workday HCM helps in managing PTO, leave management, training, learning, recruitment Workday HCM ensures universal compatibility which is limited only by the browser or mobile OS which are available on iOS, Windows, Mobile Platforms. Workday HCM with it large collaborations of different activities, reporting and analytics features helps in taking better business decisions which plays a great and vital role in enhancing organization growth and success. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that Workday HCM helps in finding anyone’s manager if required. Workday HCM homepage is clean, welcoming, interactive and allows easy customization based on business requirements. Workday HCM has made to update employees records and has easy to use interface. Workday HCM has made easy and simple to review employee, managers, workers performance, scorecard or Dashboard. Workday HCM talent management report helps in finding right talent in the database. Workday HCM online documentation which made their life easy to navigate for themselves without contacting HR. 

Needs Improvement

Workday HCM dropdown boxes are little confusing while choosing options. Workday HCM needs to improve primitive graphs which are not much intuitive and attractive. Workday HCM should have some feature or option where one can see information of terminated employee whenever needed, may keep limited access to some people in the organization like HR, Managers. Workday HCM should have some way to modify clock in and out as if someone forgets to punch in or out then there is no way to fix this issue and one must contact HR. Workday HCM do not have easy navigation and understanding flow for annual benefits enrollment as there are lots of click, drop downs and required fields are not so easy to find. 

Similar products in the Industry:

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