Zoho Campaigns HR Management-Pros and Cons

General Feature

Zoho Campaigns is an automated email marketing software which allows user to create, send, share, and track email campaigns fast and effectively to the targeted customers. Zoha campaigns allows user to use preset email templates and create own mail as per their requirement and also allows to create own template with Html code. Zoho Campaigns allows user to import subscriber detail with different sources like Zoho CRM, Excel sheet manually or with the help of API. Zoho Campaigns has the ability to bounce and unsubscribe the duplicate subscriber which u have imported from the other source like CRM tool or sign up forms. Zoho Campaigns enables autoresponders features who send’s your message to the right subscriber and the right time and every time. Zoha Campaign has a feature of cookie cutter which allows user to add names, video in your emails and generate a unique coupon code for each receiver to address them personally . Zoha Campaign analytical tool allows user to have a real time reporting with detailed logs and debugging server activities. Zoha Campaign is a very reliable and its performance makes it one of best platform in the email market . 

Newer Innovation

Zoha Campaign with its innovative features allows user to have personalize email campaign with the subscribe to create a personal connection. Zoha Campaign offers many tools and ecommerce platforms integrations which subscribe run in their business like integration with Big Commerce, Woo commerce, Hubspot, Zoom, Zapier, Zendesk. Zoho Campaign now allows instant messaging service where bulk messages can be sent in one go to your contact list. Zoho Campaign has enhanced its signup forms with great revamp which can now easily be edit and share across other platforms. Zoho Campaigns enable easy design change as it now comes with multiple themes of email campaign of header and footer themes. Zoho Campaign has topic management feature which helps subscribers to choose the kind and category of email they want to receive. Zoha Campaign offers anti spam policy where you need to opt in all contact list to be compliance with can-spam act before any campaign is sent to the subscriber. Zoha Campaign enables user to have the option of synchronization of your contact with Zoha’s other services or you can simply have your contacts from Excel or if they are less user can also add it manually.

Why we use Zoha Campaign ?

Zoha Campaign provides an enhanced and powerful email marketing platform experience. Zoho Campaign offers impressive dashboards, user friendly navigations with entire process of creating campaign has made much easy and simple. Zoho Campaign allows more personalization and engagement by adding videos to email. Zoho Campaigns helps in boosting sales and business relationships which results in high rate of growth. Zoho Campaign allows easy integration with other ecommerce platforms and third party softwares. Zoho Campaign now allows and display complete picture of your subscribers now in mobile app where one can get to know which device is used by subscriber to open the emails, which email list are they part of, most recent campaign they have received and also which custom fields are assigned to them. Zoho Campaigns brings email marketing automation into play at every stage of engagement. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that Zoha Campaign has very attractive and engaging user interface which attracts user more. Zoha Campaign is all in one platform that offers easy communication with users and their team. Zoha Campaign has a feature of automation of email campaign which allows to user to generate automated response, social media out reach . Zoha Campaign integration feature makes it easy to integrate all the Zoha product and other 3rd party Apps by which user can synchronize the contacts and other tools to reach maximum subscribers .Zoha Campaign allows user to customize its prebuilt templates. Zoha Campaign has a wide and excellent range to FAQ which helps user to solve their queries.

Needs Improvement

Zoha Campaign though offers synchronization with CRM campaign but it’s too challenging and time consuming for the users. Zoha Campaign offers predesign templates but are very less. Zoha Campaigns analytical reports should be more detailed and statistical so that it would be easy to track email campaigning open click, subscriber action and business sales. Zoha Campaign has a customer support desk, but it should improve as their response time is not much effective and with the growing market none of the user afford delay’s.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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