Zoho Recruit Recruitment Management-Pros and Cons

General Features

Zoho Recruit is an enterprise-ready platform that makes agency recruitment effortless. Zoho Recruit increases the visibility of job openings by posting a job on multiple platforms that reach the right people and improve the quality of hires. Zoho recruits have the option to post a job opening through Facebook and another social platform, one can apply from LinkedIn. Zoho Recruit access resumes finding the right search which fits the organization need or demand. Zoho Recruit has a resume management feature and has inbuilt tools like Resume Extractor, Resume Inbox; which helps in structuring resume as per the organization standards. Zoho Recruit powerful artificial intelligence feature helps in finding the right candidate from identifying talent to behavioral assessments. Zoho Recruit provides a list of ranked and graded candidates based on the match of a job requirement. Zoho Recruit increases search accuracy by outlining job descriptions in seconds. Zoho Recruit has a smart search option which starts searching as you type. Zoho Recruit has templates which help in assessing and evaluating the right candidate by providing client to create new job openings, shares feedback for review and helps in making informed interview decisions. Zoho recruit runs background checks to screen the candidate’s profile like National criminal search, Ssn Trace, Sexoffender Search. Zoho Recruit helps in building employer brand by enabling a list of all job openings on a career page through which candidates can have easy access to search and apply to the job for the right positions. Zoho Recruit’s Zoho Phonebridge enables recruiters to make phone calls, send SMS to the right candidates about job openings and career opportunities. Zoho Recruit manages email campaigns, analyze results and tracks response from candidates and clients. Zoho Recruit tracks applicant records and interview status as it offers a data-driven recruitment process, optimize recruiting KPIs like time-to-hire, time-to-fill, age of job. Zoho Recruit shares a recruitment analysis report which shares job opening status, candidate interview status. Zoho Recruit automates the recruiting process which saves the time spent on tedious and manual work and helps in setting up auto-reply, alerts and notifications in advance. 

Newer Innovation

Zoho Recruit has announced Jomba Integration which enables to streamline of the interview process more effectively by conducting video interviews, scheduling interviews, shares candidates’ feedback and can track the interview status at every stage. Zoho Recruit’s Sandbox provides confidence and lets you feel safe as it an environment to test the Zoho Recruit setting before it goes into the working system to avoid any issue or mistake because a single mistake can badly affect the complete recruitment cycle. Zoho Recruit has introduced an extension by integrating slack as slack helps in share important information about candidate reports, candidate details, team details, ability to create event reminders and many more. Zoho Recruit has taken a major step towards diversifying the workforce by developing EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which can resolve and address the discrimination and unequal employment such issues and organization which uses EEOC see a good output in productivity, happy working environment. Zoho Zia’s data enrichment helps in keep the candidate’s details, resumes up to date with a single click. Zoho recruits now can seamlessly synchronize data with office 365 which provides a great help in managing calendar, scheduling interviews, upcoming events in such a way that any information updated on either one will be reflected in the other as it is a two-way synchronization. Zoho Recruit has comprehensive interview toolkit now which provides all the information about candidates profile, interview details, assigned interviewer and feedback and many other details at one place with an easy to use, detailed and interactive dashboard for each individual. Zoho Recruit has a reporting hierarchy feature which helps in assigning reporting manager to the user within the organization to have easy access on records and data sharing. 

Why we use Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit offers best-in-class features that help in align the complete recruitment cycle with its flexible automation process which allows us to build a program to automate a big chunk of recruitment back and front office work like sourcing from reputable places, consolidate database, Job Posting on different platforms. Zoho Recruit represents the candidate profile and all other details at a glance by a simple search instead of compiling the data and keep scrolling pages to view and assess the candidate details. Zoho Recruit helps the client to hire candidates effectively with a filtered application applicant applied as Zoho Recruit disqualify or withdraw the applications which do not fulfill job requirement criteria. Zoho Recruit also ensures that job vacancy and job posting appears at all vital platforms through which quality candidate can be hired and recruit. Zoho Recruit manages current employees and new hiring records as it automatically feeds the information into the centralized applicant database. It is cloud-based so information can easily be accessed immediately.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comment is that Zoho Recruit ability to manage and organizing applicants, candidates, and current employee information into a database is commendable. Zoho Recruit has cut down the tedious work time. Zoho Recruit helps in reaching the candidate at the right time as per the schedule. Zoho Recruit can create a template that can be triggered by the candidate profile instead of retyping. Zoho Recruit saves the document with a date stamp that when they were received. Zoho recruit allows easy and reliable integration with other tools recruitment like job boards.

Needs Improvement

Zoho Recruit does not download the resume which is formatted weirdly. Zoho Recruit does not allow pipeline customization that is to be hired, it should allow role-based, department-based pipeline customization. Zoho Recruit should allow customization features for vendors to put in key information on candidate’s profile like notice period, current CTC, expected CTC which are not found in the resume. Zoho Recruit should improve on its user interface so that new team members can be trained easily as it saves a lot of time. Zoho Recruit mobile app has limitations that do not allow to manage the entire recruiting process via mobile app and crashes sometimes which wastes a lot of time.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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